Basic Monthly Mowing Prices
     -prices based on approximately 42 cuts per year
 -properties with fenced backyards without access for a 52" mower add $5/month
         -basic services include mowing, edging, line trimming and blowing off of all hard surfaces
Property Size in acres
Up to .25 $65/month
.25 to .50         $75/month
.50 to 1acre $90/month
1 to 1.5acre $120/month
1.5 to 2acre $160/month
Pasco Property Appraiser site to check your exact property size click link to go to pasco property appraiser site

Landscape Prices all prices for monthly lawn customers                                       3 Gallon Viburnum Hedge installed $15
  Sod St. Augustine remove and installed $0.75/sq.ft
  Mulch(Cypress, Red Cypress, Pine Bark) installed $60/yard

  Palm Trees Trimmed
Under 10' $15
10'-15' $20
15'-20' $25
20'-30' $35
30'-40' $65
Prices Subject to increase based on condition of tree
Irrigation Repairs
repairs to broken pipe broken heads clean out heads $25/hour plus all materials
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